Backpackers Far away
Annika & Manuel

November 2020

The time just flew by.

It seemed like yesterday to us when we visited Stian and his son Lucius at the end of October to become a part of their lives for a month. And what can we say? -It was just great.

Located about 2 ½ hours north-east of Oslo and about 5 minutes from the Swedish border there is the small village of Âsnes Finnskog. Here you will find the quiet farm of the two with an adjoining lake and camping site.

Every day, different and exciting projects were waiting for us.

Shortly before the first frost we harvested the last potatoes, a day later we "patched" the potholes of Stian's private road, then we turned from foresters and carpenters into photographers and gardeners. The work was varied and we were able to take a lot with us for our further career. In our free time we had plenty of time to explore the beautiful area by hiking or by canoe and boat. It was good to experience the peace of the farm and Stian's serenity and we wish them both all the best for the future.

On our next visit to Norway, we will certainly make a stop at their place, because if you are travelling in from Sweden, you should take a look at the cabins for rent by the lake.

A real dream!

And so, after a great time on our winter road trip, we continue north. Almost 2100 km are now ahead of us and from about 600 km we will probably say goodbye to the sun for the next few months.