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Annika & Manuel

Our story

After the first wave of COVID-19 in March 2020 and further hopes for an opening of the US border (a 3-month canoe trip in Alaska was planned), we adjusted our plans a little. We decided to follow the paths of the old Vikings.

So we converted our old Nissan Note from 2009 for under 100 euros and drove to Norway via Denmark and Sweden at the beginning of September.

The plan was and still is to fill the time between the road trips with "workaways" (work for room and board) to get a perfect insight into the life of the Norwegians. 

Start September 2020
On September 5, we started our six-month journey towards Norway. We were hopeful that Norway would reopen its recently closed borders, as COVID numbers in Germany have stagnated between 20 and 21 cases per 100,000.

So we decided to spend the first 10 days in Denmark and enjoy our time on the endless beaches. Our way led us step by step along the coast towards the north.

When we finally gave up our hopes of opening the border, we drove to the beautiful island of Mön before continuing our road trip in Sweden. Shortly after the Swedish border, we were informed by a German/Norwegian family with whom we had been in contact from time to time, that we could spend the 10-day quarantine with them free of charge. We didn't think twice and drove directly to the west coast of Norway.

 The 10-day quarantine was over on September 22, although it seemed more like a holiday to us, because we were allowed to move freely in the quarantined area.

Now we were off on our first 10-day road trip in Norway, before our first “workaway” on October 3.