Backpackers Far away
Annika & Manuel

Winter road trip 

On November 29, we started our 2100 kilometre road trip from Flisa (2 hours north-east of Oslo) towards the North Cape. 
Packed with food and snow chains, we took the E6 over our first pass towards Trondheim. After a short time, we were greeted by minus temperatures of around -17 degrees, as well as snowy and icy roads. Our path made its way slowly, but with full anticipation, step by step towards the northwest. The next few days were similar - beautiful passes, lots of snow, bitter cold, icy roads. And likewise, the sunlight left us minute by minute as we moved north.

So we took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed a short break to enjoy the last rays of sunshine for the next few months before making a short detour to Saltstraumen (near Bodø). The probably strongest tidal current in the world is truly a sight to behold! Water whirlpools of up to 40 km/h form on the water surface and you could watch the water play for hours.

Over beautiful passes and mighty rock formations we finally reached the North Cape region on day 4.

The sun was no longer visible and since we wanted to at least use the twilight to be able to see our destination in some daylight, we slept alone on the stormy north coast of Norway in our converted "low budget van" (whether it is a campervan or not is debatable). So on day 5 we calmly went on the last kilometre on the still icy roads to the North Cape.

And so, just in time for noon, we could finally breathe in the cold Arctic air at the northernmost point of Europe accessible from the mainland We have now achieved our big goal of reaching the North Cape in winter and are very proud of ourselves, but especially of the old Nissan Note, which has never let us down.

After a short breather, we headed 150 km further south to the Porsangerfjord, where we stayed with a Norwegian family and their huskies. Here we hope to learn a lot about the dogs and "dog mushing" and of course to be able to report on the 24 hours of darkness/twilight... the adventure continues...